Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chopstick Help

RK gave me the best present the other day. It's chopsticks held together like a very long clothespin. I am so happy!!! Now, I'll eat with chopsticks that I can use and not have to ask for a fork.

I should find out soon which city I will be sent to after my time in Tokyo. I also found out that I have one day in Tokyo to myself. I'm trying to decide what to do. It is such an amazing city!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Clocks, sushi, and chopsticks

Check out the clocks on the right! I love sushi. I am grateful to my sister, B, for introducing me to it. Some of the places I like to eat sushi are Mr. Sushi in Addison, Asian Mint, Sushi on McKinney, Kamikaze, and Iron Chefs. You can't go wrong with a good piece of yellow tail tuna.

I am not having much success with the chopstick lessons. They hurt my hand; however, I am not giving up. I will practice over the summer as much as I can and by the time I go, I will be able to eat with them. I must admit that I am considering buying the device at Pei Wei that allows you to cheat. It's a brace. Maybe if I'm discreet, no one will really notice.

I chose the theme of the bonsai because you're supposed to simply trim away what doesn't belong. I think that's good for bonsais and for life. I like for things to be simple. As I've grown older, I've discovered that I like less clutter in the house and in my life. Trimming away what isn't needed is a good idea.