Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We are spiritual beings.......

I've been scouring the Internet lately for stories about what's really going on the world besides the celebrity crap we're fed on the news. I have to say I am stunned, shocked, saddened, and not just a little sick to my stomach. It is almost to much for me to be with. I had no idea of the horrors, violence, and want in so many parts of the world. The situations in Haiti, Chile, China, The Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are overwhelming--and that's just the pin-tip of the iceberg.

I am also getting very clear that I am among the very wealthy of the world since I don't have to walk for water, I'm educated, own a home, a car, and am safe within my own world. I married of my own choosing and had no children of my own choosing--which also sets me apart. I am simply at a loss as to how we got to this level of dehumanizing each other. Greg Mortenson says that lately, the Taliban has resorted to using mentally challenged individuals as suicide bombers and they sew the explosives to them so there is no escape. The degradation, debasement, and dehumanizing is stunning, to say the least. Where is the love? Where is the basic acknowledgment of someone else's humanity? of their spirituality? We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Where is that celebrated? How?

I pray for more love in this world. I ask that we begin to acknowledge the spirituality of one another and learn to live together in love, acceptance, and peace. I am going to look and each face today and think of the potential of each person and try to remind myself that they are spiritual beings.

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