Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane...........

Here I am in the wedding gazebo in the New Otani hotel, waiting for our bus to take us to the airport. I'm smiling here but I'll be honest, I didn't want to leave. Sure, I wanted to see Scooter and E and be with my family/friends again but it's hard to give up the rock-star lifestyle I had become accustomed to!!!

I think they took us on the scenic route to the airport. I saw the harbor, Tokyo Disney, and a gigantic incinerating plant. The flight from Tokyo was 9 hours and then I had a 4 hour lay over in Los Angeles. Of course, the rudeness I has loved missing in Japan reared its ugly head when we were in customs. 3 international flights deplaned at the same time and people were so rude in lines, cutting and cussing out airport personnel. The flight from LA to Dallas was on a 66-seat airplane and took 3 hours. So in total, I'd been travelling 20 hours when I laid eyes on Scooter at the airport. I threw myself into a big hug. It was good to be home! Another hour in the car and I hit the door.

I am so grateful that this came my way. I am honored to have been chosen. I will forever be grateful that the Japanese government foot the bill; I was their guest and I was treated royally! I am grateful that Scooter totally supported this trip and took care of things while I was gone and thanks to those who kept an eye on him and E. (TK--you know who you are)
To all of you who have read this blog and left comments, thank you. I hope you enjoyed reading about Japan. I often find it difficult to use the right words to describe what I got to see and do. It was a life-changing/affirming experience and I will never be the same--and I think that's pretty cool. I took deep breaths and reminded myself to "be" in the moment and soak it all up and I did!! I may post little things here now and then, but the trip is over. Now, it's on to living in the present here.......

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