Monday, December 1, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008--Goodbyes

We all gave our group presentations to each other today, summarizing our experiences in our cities. We went first and I like that. I was surprised at how varied our city experiences were yet our school ones were very similar. I guess it it due to the fact that curriculum, instruction, etc., are all set by the national government. The kids everywhere learn basically the same things at around the same time through the same methods and materials.

We had our Sayonara Buffet tonight and it was bittersweet. I have come to like so many people I've met and I can't believe how much has happened in the days I spent in Japan. We were led by one of the staff members in a closing ceremony. You clap a certain way to end something. It was a sweet, solemn moment.

So of course, we went out after the party!!! I wasn't about to spend most of the night in the hotel!! We played virtual golf, I tried a "Tsunami" beer (a reddish lager), and ended the night by singing at a karoke bar. I like how it's done here--you rent your own room for karaoke so you sing in front of a friendly crowd. I didn't sing out loud but the guys did a great job with Barry White, Snoop Dogg, and Guns and Roses.

My heart ached all through the night when I thought about leaving. I was treated so well everywhere I went and had such an incredible experience. I wanted very much to see Scooter and E and be with all my family/friends again, but I have to be honest; I didn't want this to end. Thursday morning came way too quickly.

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